WeLcOmE TO my bLoG

Thus begins my blog…

First, let me be honest by saying that I’m not sure the activities of my daily life are interesting enough to report in these posts. If I read something worth gushing about, or anything cool happens to me, then look for little blurbs about it.

But, please stay tuned for appearances by the gang from Castlehill, Ontario–a bunch of teenagers from a suburb of Toronto, with way more interesting stuff to ramble on about. You’ll want to look out for Pen, since I’m finishing up revisions on my novel Bois Can’t Have Babies, starring her. 😉 You might hear from Pen’s friends from Peter Valencia High–Alexa, Colby, and Elliott–or maybe another group from Castlehill High led by Jade, Dan and Stevie. Also, I’m pretty sure Blade and Kiki might have a thing or two to blog about.

We all love comments (hopefully they’re nice, but we’re not picky), and questions.

Yay, I have a blog! I feel complete.


~M-E Girard



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