Girl Mans Up Earns a Kirkus Star!

Okay. So.

A few days ago, I was incredibly thrilled and giddy over the fact that Girl Mans Up was included in Barnes & Noble’s blog list 22 of Our Most Anticipated LGBTQ YA Novels of the Second Half of 2016The blog was written by Dahlia Adler, an influential voice in the queer literary world, and I was completely overjoyed to read her review of GMU.

“I have to admit to not realizing how necessary this book was until I read it, not just for featuring a solid, healthy, romantic relationship between two girls for about the longest stretch I’ve ever seen in a Girl Mans Up CoverYA novel, but as a study of gender and sexuality and how they meet and clash in ways I haven’t seen on the page before.”

It is so humbling and motivating to see your little book—a book that isn’t even out yet!—be included in such a list.

And today…another super exciting thing happened:

Kirkus Reviews has awarded GMU one of its prestigious stars. I mean…what?!

A bit of context here: Kirkus Reviews is a longstanding American book review trade publication. I hear they are regarded as an authoritative voice in the literary world, and notoriously tough on reviews. Their star is said to be awarded to about 10% of the books they review each year, which, according to their website, go to books of “exceptional merit.”

And Girl Mans Up got a star.

I can’t believe I’m typing this.

“A strong genderqueer lesbian character, imperfect, independent, and deserving of every cheer.”

I am totally stuck between “floored” and “giddy.” This is a huge validation. Its a mega motivator. It’s absolutely amazing. I’m super critical of anything I create (aren’t we all), but I worked my ass off on this book, and I’m so proud of what it grew to become. When you’re kind of lost in #AmWriting hell, getting this piece of good news is everything. It makes me think that maybe I could do this again. Maybe even better on the second try? Stay tuned, I guess! 😛

I celebrated this moment by ordering pizza. I’m not a fancy girl at all. 😉

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